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The First Years: UPA Vs NDA

A Comparative Study:
First Year of Modi Government Vs First Year of UPA Government
In a Westminster form of Parliamentary Democracy, it is imperative to constantly gauge the mood of the people. 5 years is a long period for an elected Government to usher reforms, especially fulfilling the promises on which it is elected. The first year of any Government sows the seeds and perhaps lays tangible policy foundations for those promises to be fulfilled. But when an elected Government in its very first year of power fails to do so, especially where people are constantly scrutinizing the elected; it not only loses the faith of the people but puts the country to an uncertain future.

The Narendra Modi Government will complete its first year in power this May end. Instead of comparing the 10 years of the previous UPA Government to just 1 year of the present NDA Government, this piece of writing will only compare the first year of UPA with the first year of Modi-led NDA. This would pro…