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Let us not make the debate on Death Penalty, a Communal One!

The law may be an ass- an idiot; but it’s all we’ve got- Modified 'Oliver Twist' Quote

Ever since the issue of the hanging of Yakub Memom came into public discourse, there is a raging debate on social as well as mainstream media that he was executed because the criminal justice system in India is Communal. Many liberals were swayed by this argument on two accounts. First, Why does the Hindutva rioters like Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi are all out on bail and secondly, why did Bal Thackeray, one of the main protagonist of the Mumbai riots not brought to book and given a state funeral. On the face of it these two arguments looked valid. I agree, that Bal Thackeray should not have been given a state funeral and Kodnani and other criminals should not be left so easily without the state appealing for their execution. But this does not justify that why the one of the perpetrators of the Mumbai Serial Blasts should not be brought to book, according to Indian Law.

Our criminal justi…

Now, Let's Awaken the Liberal

Indian politics has come a long way. Democracy has deepened and elections have become a 24X7, 365 days affair instead of becoming a 6 month campaign affair just before the 5 year term ends.
The socialistic liberal democratic ideals which governed India for decades have changed into a completely opposite conservative religious right governing the country in full majority now.

The fringe has become the mainstream. Bigotry is on the rise, so as political colouring of the institutions. Mediocracy in governance as well as in institutions is slowly creeping in. Religious right of all hues and colours are gaining dominance and the country is going through times which it has never imagined.

Marketing of governance has become more importance than actual governance. Without advertising and packaging the dreams and promises won't sell. People have also started buying this exuberant public relation exercises by governments.
Whether you govern or not is not really important, the fact that you…