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Where's the Silence?

Recently, was watching an interview of Home Minister P Chidambaram, where on a question posed by NDTV editor, Sonia Singh on the PM's 'silence' on many issues including Lokpal Bill , he remarked- "Many people want the PM to speak, or rise up to the plate, But One has to know and belief in the style of the person."
I have read umpteen editorials in various newspapers on why PM is silent on this issue, why PM always speaks later, and what are the PM's views contentious issues. Whenever a political event unfolds (like that of Baba Ramdev's fast, or may be wikileaks !) bloggers and opinion makers on forums like twitter and facebook, people in news paper columns and on tv shows ask the same stupid question. Yes Stupid Indeed.
I shall now humbly describe, why is it - STUPID !
Post Liberalization, The First stable Govt to complete 5 years of power, was the NDA Government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. There were few television channels then, very few indeed. FDI in …

Power Yoga - Part -2

His Royal Highness , Most Respected Swami Baba Ramdev broke his 9 day fast today. So Today was the appropriate day to conclude my write up about this circus currently involving Individuals not Issues. Since I concluded my last post by mentioning Ramdev's remarks about the media. First focus on the Media. Media is responsible too for creating this mess. Electronic channels in today's context tend to focus on 'Sound Bytes' than 'Reality Bites'. First they gave us minute by minute update on How 4 top ministers of the Government went to lure Baba (including the cabinet secretary) . How Baba ordered special Rasgullas from Chandini Chowk. How both the parties danced to each others tunes in a 5 star hotel and How Baba had assured his followers that the GOI has agreed to 99% of his demands . Then they bring in some loudmouth commentators to dissect the whole thing with sometimes very ludicrous arguements. The circus doesn't stop here, Each of the protagonists and …

Power Yoga - Part -1

Section 144 of the IPC can be imposed according to the decision of the District Magistrate according to the emerging situation at hand, in which the administration feels that it cannot control a law and order situation. Baba Ramdev had taken permission for 5000 people. The capacity of Ramlila Grounds is 30,000 people. But Baba himself claims that over 1 lakh people were there and would be there the next morning, hence the Govt had to crack the whip at night only, since many more people were to be expected in the morning. Under Section 144 IPC Govt can arrest, exterminate(send off) or even take co-ercive action against the person/persons leading the mob or demonstration.

True there were 8 rounds of tear gas shells which were fired. True there was some disbursal of crowds by some force. But NOT a Lathichage and NO Firing at all. The visuals of the Gun firing tear gas shells have sparks which is usual and cannot be taken as FIRING.

Baba Ramdev reacted rather cowardly to all this. He used i…