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Reflections on the Congress’s performance in the North East

I would start this piece of writing with a disclaimer – that I am an eternal optimist. It does not however mean that when the Congress party snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, my heart doesn’t bleed. It does.
Politics means pragmatism. It requires a ‘matter-of-fact-treatment’. It’s the ability to know the reality- the writing on the wall. In the recent defeats in the Northeast, the Congress party very well knew the writing on the wall and the severe constraints it is facing. It definitely knew that, its political organizations in the North East desperately required a Central spine. It also knew that the BJP- RSS is working overtime and dubious methods to usurp power in these states and it also knew that it is not doing any justice to its local leaders, whatsoever. The Congress left its leaders in the Northeast to fend for themselves- not because it wants to, but because it was forced to. It did whatever best it could do in the current circumstances.
Some unknown faces of the ne…