Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let my country awake...

Whatever happened in Parliament today has saddened me a lot. I say that, because I started following Indian politics at a very early age of my life. I have always read about it and ask any of my friends, family, relatives, even office colleagues; I am very passionate about it. I always take part in political debates whether they are dining table conversations with my family, or with an autowallah while commuting. I have also defended my Indian Democracy and its ideals whenever necessary- be it on streets or on social media. 

I despise anarchists.

There is a change which is taking place. A gradual change where cynicism with Indian politicians has started resulted into shades of anarchy. The whole Anna Hazare movement started that cynicism, but ultimately - Anarchism was defeated and Democracy won.

 I have been a Congress supporter all my life. Come what may, I will remain so. But we are Indian first. I am proud of Indian Democracy, Indian values and its Constitution. I am damn proud of the foundations of Indian institutions which our forefathers have so painstakingly nurtured. 

If the Parliament is reduced to a charade, with the opposition and the ruling coalition not been able to control their MP's who indulge in pepper spraying, vandalising and slogan shouting, then it’s a matter of deep shame. If as an ordinary citizen of this country, we feel the shame that this incident has brought our country, then those who are responsible must feel the shame. 

There are numerous bills pending in the Parliament. Last 3 years, Parliament sessions have been the worst ever in modern India.

Parliament : Vital Stats in 2011
  • 30% of the available time in 2011 was lost to disruptions 
  • 54 Bills listed for consideration and passing; 28 actually passed
  • In Lok Sabha, 18% of the Bills were passed in less than 5 minutes 
  • 11% of the Starred Questions were answered orally on the floor of the House in Lok Sabha
  • 81 Private Members’ Bills were introduced in Lok Sabha; four came up for discussion

Parliament : Vital Stats in 2012

  • 36% of allocated time in Parliament was lost to disruption in 2012
  • In 2012, 22 Bills were passed by both Houses 
  • Eleven bills were passed with less than 30 minutes discussion
  • 10% of starred questions were answered orally in Parliament 
Parliament : Vital Stats in 2013

  • In Monsoon Session- Productive time in Lok Sabha was 58%
  • In Monsoon Session- Question Hour was disrupted on all days, but one in Lok Sabha 
  • In Monsoon Session- Of the 43 Bills listed for passing this session, 
  • 12 Bills were passed123 Bills are pending in Parliament at the end of the Monsoon Session
  • In Winter Session - Question Hour was disrupted on all days, no question answered in Rajya Sabha
  • In Winter Session- Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill passed, 126 Bills pending with only one session left
  • In Winter Session - No Private Members’ Business was conducted 

( Courtesy : PRS Legislative  ) 

There is a serious questioning confronting us. India-the largest democracy of the world is witnessing less and less work through its Parliament. Crores and crores of rupees is being wasted. Hundreds of bills are pending. Reforms are pending. Many bills can change India forever. Judicial reforms, electoral reforms and administrative reforms are pending. Bills that may change the face of India, are not seeing the light of the day. Crucuial economic bills are also pending. 

There is an iminent danger that our future generations will start losing faith in this system. They will start losing faith in the Parliament. I always believe India is a mature Democracy, albeit a young one. But day after day, some doubts are being created. 

So what, if this session was the last session of Parliament? So what if there are serious divisions among MP's of Andhra Pradesh, regarding Telangana? So what if the opposition and the government have differences. We need to move ahead. That is the essence of Democracy. 

I am afraid, the opposite has happened. Democracy has been shamed.

(With Deep Sadness)

My father, Let my country awake…