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Let my country awake...

Whatever happened in Parliament today has saddened me a lot. I say that, because I started following Indian politics at a very early age of my life. I have always read about it and ask any of my friends, family, relatives, even office colleagues; I am very passionate about it. I always take part in political debates whether they are dining table conversations with my family, or with an autowallah while commuting. I have also defended my Indian Democracy and its ideals whenever necessary- be it on streets or on social media. 

I despise anarchists.
There is a change which is taking place. A gradual change where cynicism with Indian politicians has started resulted into shades of anarchy. The whole Anna Hazare movement started that cynicism, but ultimately - Anarchism was defeated and Democracy won.
 I have been a Congress supporter all my life. Come what may, I will remain so. But we are Indian first. I am proud of Indian Democracy, Indian values and its Constitution. I am damn proud of th…