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The Idea of the Congress

The Indian National Congress's ideology is painted on a huge canvas that covers the entire humanity.

'Politics' literally means pragmatism. Being practical. It is deeply connected to Ideology. Without a political ideology, a political being does not exist, even if it means being an Anarchist. So what is the ideology of the Indian National Congress? Being a strong supporter of the movement called the Congress party, I have often delved my mind into this.

Whenever I ask this question to my fellow Congress supporters, they always have phrases like “Inclusiveness, Secularism, Compassion, and Democratic etc.” to tell. I think my fellow travellers in this movement are absolutely correct with these formulations, but there is something more to it.

After losing an election, a political party would and should always go to its roots- Its Ideology. I am sure there are innumerable faults which the party might have committed and these faults need to be rectified, but when a party star…