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One Year After Demonetisation: BJP Still Mounting New Goalposts

We, the people of India, today observe the first anniversary of an enormous tragedy that caused widespread distress and suffering to 125 crore Indians. The unwitting, thoughtless, unplanned and mismanaged decision of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi – completely driven by personal ambitions thrusted upon 125 Crore Indians has resulted in an ‘Economic Disaster of Monumental Proportions’. The Narendra Modi Government has launched a no holds barred publicity blitzkrieg to convert the entire debate of demonetisation into binaries of ‘Black Money vs White Money’, but the reality on the ground is that there is insurmountable pain and anguish. 
PM Narendra Modi inflicted a ‘Scam of the Century’ at the expense of our countrymen by this reckless decision. The BJP indulged in organized loot and legalized plunder while the common people of India were forced to queue outside banks and ATM’s. Today, we recall those unsung, unspoken and undocumented people who lost their lives when PM Modi conduc…