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The Arrogant Aadmi Party

Politics is transient in nature. What goes up in politics also comes down. The Congress party, has received a scathing defeat in 4 out of 5 states in the recently held assembly elections, one force which has emerged in these elections and is the current darling of the media is the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)
There is no doubt that AAP germinated from the ‘Anna-Hazare Movement’ and most of its identity is based on the Lokpal Bill issue. Taking a cue from India’s political history, an interesting analogy can be built. In the 90’s the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) came up to forefront of Indian politics on a polarizing issue- The Ram Janmabhoomi Aandolan. It is safe to say that for the AAP, Lokpal Bill issue represents the same. 
Let us consider the reactions of Arvind Kejriwal to the current political discourse. AAP has won a good number of seats in the Delhi Elections- 28 of them; they have come second in atleast 20 constituencies. Certainly editorials are being written on them in newspapers,…