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Not just Gandhi for a cleaner India!

Sanitation and Simplicity
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a great begining and a welcome one.

October 2, is the most auspicious occassion to start a sanitation drive. Gandhi ji's concept of Gram Swaraj includes sanitation as a major pillar. Gandhi ji not only believed in cleanliness, but also simplicity.

Gandhiji wrote on 17-12-1942, how simplicity helped healthy living:

". . . Many households are so packed with all sorts of unnecessary decorations and furniture which one can very well do without, that a simple living man will feel suffocated in those surroundings. They are nothing but means of harbouring dust, bacteria and insects. . . I meant to say is that my desire to be in tune with the infinite has saved me from many complications in life. It led not merely to simplicity of household and dress but all round simplicity in the mode of my life.."

His RSS background aside, Modi ji paid a fitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in  his just concluded visit to the United States. Modi j…

100 Days of Disappointments !

The BJP-led NDA Government will be shortly completing 100 days in Power.
As an avid newspaper reader and follower of events, I have combined a list of 100 different issues in a chronological order, on which this government has completely failed. These include controversies, U turns and a 100 Misdeeds!
Statutory Warning : No News Channel Will Show These !

Day 1 May-26 Modi invites Sharif to swearing in ceremony, but ally Shiv Sena says India will have to nuke Pak Day 2 May-27 Article 370 Remark by PMO's Jitendra Singh Day 3 May-28 Smriti Irani and her fake affidavit Day 4 May-29 Ordinance for Nripendra Misra's appointment smacks of impropriety?