Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not just Gandhi for a cleaner India!

Sanitation and Simplicity

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a great begining and a welcome one.

October 2, is the most auspicious occassion to start a sanitation drive. Gandhi ji's concept of Gram Swaraj includes sanitation as a major pillar. Gandhi ji not only believed in cleanliness, but also simplicity.

Gandhiji wrote on 17-12-1942, how simplicity helped healthy living:

". . . Many households are so packed with all sorts of unnecessary decorations and furniture which one can very well do without, that a simple living man will feel suffocated in those surroundings. They are nothing but means of harbouring dust, bacteria and insects. . . I meant to say is that my desire to be in tune with the infinite has saved me from many complications in life. It led not merely to simplicity of household and dress but all round simplicity in the mode of my life.."

His RSS background aside, Modi ji paid a fitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in  his just concluded visit to the United States. Modi ji was given a "rock star welcome" in the US, our media gushed and our TV screens beamed. He had certainly taken over Madison Square Garden with all his pomp and show. Perhaps, he should also read about Gandhi ji's simplicity. Reportedly, Modi ji took 40 new suits to the US designed by top designers Troy Costa.

Mahatma Gandhi in one of his rare interviews, when asked about his attire replies in the most natural and simple manner

Interviewer: Will you go attired in native Indian dress, or will you go in European dress?

Gandhi ji: I shall certainly not be found be in European dress

Interviewer: If the king of England invited to dinner in Buckingham palace, you would go in your customary Indian dress?

Gandhi ji: In any other dress, I should be in most difficult state, because I would be artificial.

This was Gandhi ji's simplicity.

The Inspiration 

Who came first- Egg or the Chicken? Modi ji came first to take credit of both. 

There is a joke going around on Twitter these days!

After taking credit for the Mars Mission, INS Vikramaditya, Jammu-Katra train, PSLV's, Big power projects and so on, Our PM's quest of taking credit for the work done by the previous government, doesn't end here.

He will now take credit for the previous government's Total Sanitation Campaign too - Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. Its goal was to achieve 100% access to sanitation for all rural households by 2022

It is important to know that UPA was the only government in modern India to create a separate ministry of Sanitation and allocate a separate budget for it. The minister for which belonged to Modi ji's Gujarat. Sadly,  we would never ever credit them for this. Everyone is going hammer and tongs about Modi ji's vision for "Swachh Bharat".

The Past Record

Let us also look at Modi ji's previous record as a Gujarat Chief Minister for 12 years, when it comes to delivery

a) While the Gujarat government had said in a report to the central drinking water and sanitation ministry that 82% of its rural population was covered by sanitation in 2011-12, the 2011 Census data showed only 34% of rural Gujarat was covered by sanitation!

b) Gujarat’s record in terms of the improvement in sanitation coverage between 2001 & 2011 is worse than most major States of India, including poorer States. Gujarat ranks 13th behind states like Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Sikkim, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Nagaland.

c) Also, if we look at the pictures of the much publicized Sabarmati river, one is not impressed by the sanitation levels.

d) Lastly, Vapi in Gujarat is the most polluted city in India. It seems Modi ji could do little to change its status.

It seems Modi ji's record in keeping Gujarat clean, has not been very successful.

We want a Clean India 

In the current scenario, most of the our big towns and cities have municipal corporations governed by BJP- whether its Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. Yet, our cities are full of filth.

We cannot squarely blame the BJP for the filth, it is for us to blame ourselves. Charity begins at home, and we should take upon ourselves as citizens to see that we do not litter in our public places.

Not only we need Gandhi ji for a cleaner India, we need ourselves too!

Happy Gandhi Jayanti ! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

100 Days of Disappointments !

The BJP-led NDA Government will be shortly completing 100 days in Power.

As an avid newspaper reader and follower of events, I have combined a list of 100 different issues in a chronological order, on which this government has completely failed. These include controversies, U turns and a 100 Misdeeds!

Statutory Warning : No News Channel Will Show These !

Day 1
Modi invites Sharif to swearing in ceremony, but ally Shiv Sena says India will have to nuke Pak
Day 2
Article 370 Remark by PMO's Jitendra Singh
Day 3
Smriti Irani and her fake affidavit
Day 4
Ordinance for Nripendra Misra's appointment smacks of impropriety?
Day 5
3 Days after Badaun Gang Rape Case- PM Silent, No Minister Visited
Day 6
Modi dissolves GoM's and EGoM's | Power supply snapped for 17 hours in several areas of Delhi
Day 7
UN condemn's Badaun Rape Case, But PM is silent
Day 8
Power Crises starts in Delhi- Achhe Din, Bijli Bin?
Day 9
Yashwant Sinha arrested for assaulting JSE official
Day 10
Pune Techie dies after attack by Hindutva group, PM Silent
Day 11
Delhi Univ FYUP Admissions begin, but Smriti would scrap these- Wont speak for a week, as students protest
Day 12

Court Raps Amit Shah for Non-Appearance in Tulsiram Prajapati Case
Day 13
NDA to revive all development projects of UPA, says Venkaiah Naidu
Day 14
Jaitley caught in Defence-Finance crossfire- Part time Defence, Part time Finance even after 100 days
Day 15
Modi govt gave no concrete plan in presidential address
Day 16
Jaitley seeks explanation by V K Singh's "illegal'' action against Lt.Gen.Suhag
Day 17
V K Singh, now minister calls Army Chief and soldiers as "Dacoits"
Day 18
Gopal Subramanium not appointed as judge in SC because he is amicus curae in Fake Encounter Case
Chief Justice of India hits at NDA Govt over Gopal Subramaniam -
Day 19
Nihal Chand Meghwal - accused of Rape, summoned
Day 20
 Modi calls for tough measures and Bitter Pills - Makes False claims of "Khazana Khali Hai" | Chidambaram exposes false claims
Day 21
Modi takes credit of INS Vikramaditya
Day 22
Modi's Calls Bhutan, 'Nepal', 'Ladakh' during Parliament address
Day 23
Arun Jaitley blames states, hoarding for Price Rise
Day 24
NDA wants to change the Land Acquisition Act
Day 25
Onion, Tomato Price Rise- Advent of "Achhe Din"
Day 26
40 Indian abducted in Iraq, one ecapes, dies. Still not returned after 75 Days
Day 27
Govt hikes railway fares by 14.2 pc, freight charges increased by 6.5 pc- Biggest Rail Fare Hike Ever
Day 28
Hindi Imposition Coming Back in BJP Regime? Congress advises caution, Govt Backtracks
Day 29
  Sugar Prices to jump  as govt raises import duty
Day 30
We will not be able to bring back black money from Switzerland in our lifetime, says BJP's Nishikant Dubey | No information on black money from Switzerland, says Jaitley
Day 31
Health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan questions stress on condoms in AIDS fight
Day 32
A month in office, PM Narendra Modi rues lack of 'honeymoon period'
Day 33
Sex education in schools should be banned, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan says
Day 34
Grilling Governors by using CBI and forcing them to resign
Day 35
Big Brother is Watching - I&B Ministry watching social media ‘to help Modi gauge public mood’
Day 36
Our space programme reflects my vision, Modi takes credit for Congress's Space Programme at PSLV launch
Day 37
LPG Price hiked by Rs 16.50, Diesel Prices Hike by 50p/month. Oil Minister says, price hike will continue
Day 38
Union Minister Gadkari to revoke ban on e-rickshaws, family firm wants to make them
Day 39
BJP proposes 100% FDI in Retail, Does a U turn
Day 40
Modi takes credit for Katra Railway line built by Congress led UPA
Day 41
Kerala CM role in getting back Nurses from Iraq, Modi Sarkar has still not rescued 39 kidnapped Indians from Mosul
Day 42
UPSC- CSAT Protests Erupt
Day 43
Arun Jaitley blames UPA for price rise, but as 100 days completion gets closer, says it will always be  challenge
Day 44
Dissappointing Railway Budget, which favours some states, and does not benefit others
Day 45
Rs 1.4 Cr recovered from BJP MP Griraj Singh's house
Day 46
29 Schemes of Rs 100 Cr in Arun Jaitley, even Industry says its dissappointed.
Day 47
Home Ministry junks 1.5 Lakh Files, some related to Gandhi ji
Day 48
Budget does not offer any thing new- Repetition of UPA Schemes and Programmes
Day 49
100 days on, still no Lokpal appointed
Day 50
Baba Ramdev's aide Vaidik,meets India's Most Wanted Hafiz Saeed

Day 51
Centre wants to bring Uniform Civil Code
Day 52
Govt rejects demand for resolution against Israel in Parliament, but votes in favour of UNHRC resolution on Gaza
Day 53
Modi U Turn on Bangladeshi Immigrants in Assam
Day 54
Uma Bharti says River Linking can be achieved in 10 Years, while Maneka Gandhi says its extremely dangerous
Day 55
Modi government to go with UPA policy on FDI in retail - U Turn
Day 56
From Togadia,Sangeet Som, Sanjeev Baliyan and Yogi Adityanath: Communalism Grows
Day 57
BRICS: Multiple gaffes ruin Modi's first big moment on global stage,  India not getting the Bank
Day 58
Till the 98th Day - There have been 95 ceasefire violations by Pakistan along the Line of Control and it has also breached the ceasefire pact 25 times on the International Border, Jaitley said 19 since May 26 (on June 22)
Day 59
Shiv Sena MP Force Feeds Muslim employee during Ramzaan, BJP Silent
Day 60
BJP -U Turn on FDI in Insurance, as their cabinet clears 49% FDI in Insurance
Day 61
Dinanath Batra Books : Bunkum with Saffronization | Compulsory in Gujarat Though
Day 62
Communal incidents in Moradabad, Saharanpur- 600 Incidents in Uttar Pradesh since May 26- 60% around seats that are going for By Polls
Day 63
Chinese Troops Entering India- Ladakh etc several times since May 26. Rajnath calls it "Difference of Perception"
Day 64
Row over ‘bugging devices’ at Gadkari’s house, Congress demands probe. Internal Bugging by BJP?
Day 65
CAG punches holes in Modi's Gujarat model, that is why PM had said there should be no politics on CAG Reports
Day 66
RSS at work: GM field trials on hold?  - Another U Turn by Modi Sarkar
Day 67
BJP Govt ignorant stand spoils India's image at WTO
Day 68
Half the country is drought ridden, but PM is picking on his designers, hiring Hire Profile Troy Costa
Day 69
Announcing MSP for Kharif Crops when the sowing is over, a very mariginal increase
Day 70
Stop UP-Bihar Migrants from settling in Delhi says BJP MP Vijay Goel, BJP indulges in Regional Politics too
Day 71
Godson ‘reunites’ with family second time in 2 years, now with Modi in tow
Day 72
Centre showing no urgency to save Ganga, says Supreme Court
Day 73
Even after coming to power, Modi Govt has failed to built consensus on GST, BJP Chief Ministers Opposing
Day 74
12 Members of Modi's Council of Ministers face Criminal Charges, SC wants quick decisions on those facing corruption charges
Day 75
BJP, Parivar outfits intensify campaign against ‘love jihad’
Day 76
Shunting out officers and bureaucrats, disgracing some
Day 77
I have a degree from Yale University, HRD minister Smriti Irani says! A 6 Day Degree!
Day 78
PM Misguided the Nation on WTO
Day 79
India is a "Hindu" Nation - Repeated Statement by RSS leaders including Mohan Bhagwat
Day 80
BJP U Turn on UPA's AADHAAR-DBT Scheme
Day 81
Govt introduces NJAC Bill in hurry, needs introspection
Day 82
PM missed corruption, Price Rise and Ceasefire Violations in his I Day Speech.
Day 83
BJP Govt renames UPA Schemes- Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan is now Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan
Day 84
Move to scrap Planning Commission raises Constitutional questions
Day 85
Bringing Separatists in the centre stage, Govt calls off talks with Pak, after Saree-Shawl Diplomacy -Another U Turn
Day 86
Gadkari wants to abolish RTO, People think otherwise
Day 87
Deliberate Hooting of Non-BJP CM's in PM's presence is mockery of Democracy
Day 88
The BJP government has transferred the Chief Vigilance Officer of AIIMS, Shri Sanjeev Chaturvedi despite the fact that he has exposed corruption at various levels
Day 89
Arun Jaitley calls Nirbhaya a "Small Rape" Incident, while Modi had asked to remember "Nirbhaya" before going to vote in Delhi, PIB Censors Jaitley Remark
Day 90
Army finds secret tunnel near LoC, BJP Govt caught napping (La Kargil? )
Day 91
Modi's "routine" checkup shuts down AIIMS for 11 Hours
Day 92
BJP MP's have started assaulting cops
Day 93
BJP government has given Z+ security cover to its MLA Sangeet Som who is accused of making inflammatory speeches and uploading a fake video that led to Muzaffarnagar riots.
Day 94
PMO defends Rajnath: Reports on home minister's son are lies- what are the allegations?
Day 95
Another Copy- PM Jan dhan yojana of NDA is a blatant copy of UPA's Financial Inclusion Scheme
Day 96
BJP U Turn on Nuclear Deal
Day 97
PM's teachers day Live speech made comulsory for all school students
Day 98
Modi govt to relax laws- weaken National Green Tribunal for Biz Projects
Day 99
Never in the history of India a retired SC Judge is                        
made a Governor -                                                  
Day 100