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Dear Prime Minister, Yoga means to ‘To Unite- Not ‘To Divide’

June 21st is not only the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, but the International Day for Yoga declared by the United Nations. As an Indian, it is indeed a matter of great pride that this daily practice of meditation and exercise carried out by millions of Indians in their ordinary routine has attained a global symbol.
Although, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not the first man to promote Yoga internationally, but certainly the way he is event managing the entire show showcasing it as a spectacle – a new thing to the entire world is certainly commendable
Marketing and event management is an art in which our Prime Minister has mastered. As CM, he had the services of PR firm APCO Worldwide, now he even does not need that. The master of selfies is doing every bit to create a spectacle with a 35-minute mass demonstration of 15 yoga asanas by 45,000 school children, government officials, diplomats, army personnel and NCC cadets at Rajpath on June 21st
20 days before the event, Tel…