Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lest We Forget

Wednesday , November 26, 2008...

It was the usual winter evening, perhaps colder than today (November 26, 2012). There were guests in our house and the likes of those with whom i rarely had any interaction. Distant relatives. Sitting with my laptop, tucked under the sack, I was reading something irrelevant ( Its an insane habit), as i usually do. Clicked on the news website, for a second. Usual Process Again.

A blood red strip of Breaking News flashed on my screen, that read "Firing in Mumbai, Gunbattle On" Prompting me to stream the news. Out of shear curiosity, or otherwise (Its an insane habit, of course!) It was indeed a blood drenched story.

Those distant relatives , in a moment of truth, became instant acquaintances, and then friends.

As the news poured in. One headline after another and the utter chaos that followed, I could not take the agony of it. Perhaps Broke Down Too Many Times.

The Visuals were clear, The visuals were horrible. The visuals were heartbreaking.

I shall not mention any, and I repeat any particulars about it. Because We All know what happened. I shall not mention the utter depressing scenes, the sprawling fires, the sounds of gunpowder, the utmost chaos, the bloodshed, the emotive scenes.

Since then these visuals have been instilled in my psyche till date. If the 3 wars which India fought were something which were inscribed in the minds of my parents or grandparents, then this Wednesday 26-11-2008 is a War which will always remain is a "War" memory in my mind.

I was teary eyed the entire 3 day ordeal which followed, sometimes outraging about the pathetic preparation our security agencies had , sometimes crying in reverence on their shear grit and valour by which they saved lives. Sometimes for the innumerable loss they had to suffer, in terms of losing top cops, sometimes for the unknown unheard citizens who were helping those men in uniform to end the massacre

Today, Things have moved on. 5 days ago. The lone gunmen  who was arrested (out of 10) ,who mindlessly butchered people has been hanged under Indian law, with due process which took 4 years. This is the second fastest death sentence trial in the history of independent India.

India has also vigorously tried to pursue strategic diplomacy to get justice. Most International powers have supported India's case of Justice for Mumbai.
Shashi Tharoor in his book "Pax Indica" in an entire chapter dedicated to Pakistan tells us how India is pursuing this case diplomatically. Strategically without making much of a noise. He also explains to the critics ( who want India to attack Pakistani terror camps, like Israel ) why India, at the moment cannot pursue this option. However, this does not mean that India does not have other meaningful options.

Kasab's hanging is just a tip of the iceberg. A comma, not a Fullstop. India will have to work with renewed efforts to get Justice for each and every innocent that lost life in this horrible incident.

Let us rededicate ourselves to Truth. To Peace. To find meaningful closure to this. Every India must NEVER forget. NEVER forgive. NEVER experience this 

Jai Hind