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One Year After Demonetisation: BJP Still Mounting New Goalposts

We, the people of India, today observe the first anniversary of an enormous tragedy that caused widespread distress and suffering to 125 crore Indians. The unwitting, thoughtless, unplanned and mismanaged decision of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi – completely driven by personal ambitions thrusted upon 125 Crore Indians has resulted in an ‘Economic Disaster of Monumental Proportions’. The Narendra Modi Government has launched a no holds barred publicity blitzkrieg to convert the entire debate of demonetisation into binaries of ‘Black Money vs White Money’, but the reality on the ground is that there is insurmountable pain and anguish. 
PM Narendra Modi inflicted a ‘Scam of the Century’ at the expense of our countrymen by this reckless decision. The BJP indulged in organized loot and legalized plunder while the common people of India were forced to queue outside banks and ATM’s. Today, we recall those unsung, unspoken and undocumented people who lost their lives when PM Modi conduc…

व्यक्तिगत वाहवाही लूटना ही था नोटबंदी का असली उद्देश्य : मोदी

लगाकेआगशहरको, येबादशाहनेकहा उठाहैदिलमेंतमाशेकाआजशौक़बहुत झुकाकेसरकोसभीशाह-परस्तबोलउठे हुज़ूरशौक़सलामतरहे, शहरऔरबहुत !

A New Narrative set by the Congress can still save India

निंदकनियरेराखिए, ऑंगनकुटीछवाय।
बिनपानी, साबुनबिना, निर्मलकरेसुभाय।।

- कबीरदास

The commentators and influencers in this country have started writing the epitaph of the Congress party. They have all the right to believe so because since past three years or so, the electoral fortunes of the party have seriously dithered, after the miserable defeat of 2014. Their intense speculation about the future of the Grand Old Party is something which passionate flag bearers like me cannot discount, but are profoundly anguished with. The Liberals are angry at us. But we need to convert that anger into love. I am a Congressman and will remain a Congress party admirer even if I am the last man standing, although I shall do everything within my means to prevent that ‘last man’ scenario.
I know I may be painting a negative picture and some of you who will read you will definitely mock my assessment. Some of you will also question my locus-standi for writing this- since I am also part of that very system, a…

How the BJP is blundering on India’s 'China Policy'

Five decades ago, on October 7, 1966, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had openly asserted at the press conference on October 7, 1966 that India was committed to protect Bhutan from China. Today, a serious situation is developing at Doklam (also called Donglang), which is part of Bhutan, but is also claimed by China. It is located at a tri-junction of India, Tibet and Bhutan and is close to the 14000 feet high Nathu La pass, through which China has blocked this year's Kailash Mansoravar Yatra, which was much hyped by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi as ‘his government’s gift of a second route for millions of Shiva Bhakts.
A very delicate and extremely serious situation is developing at the Chinese boundary adjoining Sikkim. A month long standoff between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army has taken place- this is the longest standoff between India and China in last 55 years (since 1962) According to media reports, China has destroyed 2 bunkers of the Indian Army at Doklam plateau. …