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Political Campaign and the Digital Space

It would be an understatement if we say that the use of Social and digital media is not important in the present socio-political context.

Personally speaking, the shaping of my political conscience began with the advent of social networking sites such as Orkut etc. That was around 7-8 years back. Now the world has vroomed on with lightning speed.

You must have seen multiple slide presentations on the importance of digital space in political context. Loads of reports and even books on “how to use the medium effectively to spread the message” and what each social media platform does to enhance your message.

Having spent considerable amount of my time daily on the digital space, sharing my opinions on them- I have realized the huge importance of this medium. But sometimes, it is immensely difficult to convince political leaders and workers who still prefer conventional ways of communication.

Indian politics has suddenly changed after these elections, and the noise in the digital space h…