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The Economy is Sliding - 20 concrete points which prove that.

20 months have passed, since the Mr. Narendra Modi led BJP Government came to power, but he yet behaves as a leader in opposition clamouring for power. Wherever he goes, instead of apologizing for the misdeeds of his own Government, he yet repeats his parroted lines of blaming the opposition, especially the Congress party for everything. Recently, in a public meeting in Coimbatore, he said  "The opposition parties are showing their anger against the government in the Rajya Sabha by blocking schemes that would benefit the poor,"
While he has miserably failed to deliver on any front that deals with welfare and relief to people, he constantly tries to play petty politics in an unending electoral campaign. Following are some worrying statistics which prove the disastrous track record of this Government in managing India’s Economy- :
1)The Indian Economy grew at just 7.2% in the first half of the financial year 2015-16, while it grew at 7.3% in the entire financial year of 2014-15.