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Triumph of Satyagraha

“...If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left"
-Margaret Thatcher

17 years have passed since Sonia Gandhi took the reins of an emaciated Congress party, and the attacks on her are still on. Dignity and grace keeps her moving.
Giriraj Singh, a Union Minister in the current Narendra Modi Government made an obnoxious remark against her and her family.
"If Rajiv Gandhi had married a Nigerian or if she (Sonia) wasn't white skinned, would Congress accept her as a leader?" remarked the BJP Minister.
This is not the first time Sonia Gandhi has been target of such attacks. 

Throughout her political career, there have been numerous racist, sexist and cheap barbs on her and she has kept her own.
During the 1998 Lok Sabha elections the the Information and Broadcasting Minister Pramod Mahajan in the Vajpayee Government started a verbal duel while he was campaigning in Maharashtra. He asked: "If we are so keen on having a foreigner a…