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Monsoon Waves - Take Five !

The Monsoon Session of the Parliament has started from August 1. The usual formalities have begun. The ususal drama has also begun. The usual song and dance. Last year India wasted one entire session of the Parliament because of a tussle between the ruling party and the opposition on an obscure JPC. We lost 20 days out of 23 days of what could have been a fruitful session of Parliament.

Politics in India is passing through a difficult phase. The 'Civil Society' who claims to be more 'Civil' than our politicians have taken on the baton to save India from Corruption , from Politicians "who only get elected because of Money and Alcohol " ! The media is providing them unending free publicity. The Supreme Court and the judiciary as a whole is showing some disproportionate amount of Judicial Activism. The Opposition is demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister every second day.( Of Course their callous attitude is responsible for the un-elected civil society…