Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Ode to India

India's First Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru  at the ramparts of Red Fort on 15th August 1947

An Ode to India - On the eve of India's 66th Independence Day - Miles To Go Before We Sleep ! 

India is a land of diversity and immense contradictions.

The land of several races, religions, languages, cults, castes, and people! India is the land of lofty sky-kissing peaks, mighty rivers, majestic forests, mesmerizing landscapes- of deserts, of valleys, gorges, of ravines, of unknown islands, and of the surrounding oceans.

India is the land of a billion desires.

India is the land of rich aspiring entrepreneurs as well as the lesser mortals who toil day and night in the vast farmlands to feed India,who lift bags full of building materials to create a better India, of hundreds and thousands of factory workers who work tirelessly to strengthen it. India is a land of millions of individuals who travel in thousands of buses and trains daily to earn their daily bread. India is the land of those young artists who want to add life to the mundane often repeated, idea of India.

India Is the land of those sportspersons who despite all odds against them, fight till the end, till the last bout, till the last shot, till the last strike! India is the land of people of high morality and undisputed greatness. India is the land of those unrelenting scientists who leave no stone unturned to take it to the heights of never attained scientific brilliance.

India is the land of those innumerable homeless destitute who have nothing but prayers to give to India. India is the land of countless right thinking people who daily fight battles after battles to make it a better place to live in. India is a land of thousands of teachers who imbibe values to usher in a better, more meaningful India.

Also India is the land of those special children, who may not be able to express themselves, but love it like no other! India is the land of those soldiers who sacrificed their very lives with a smile on their face, in the honor of their motherland. India is the land of those police forces who guard us day in and day out, with courage and conviction.

India is the land of those innumerable greats who created India. Those who nurtured the ideals and ideas of India, fought for it, established it, and nourished it. Yes, India is the land of contradictions,in the midst of this chaos, let us not miss the harmony in the chaos.

With this small ode, I wish India - all the glory in years to come.

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AnirbanFromRLF said...

Rachit. I salute your spirit & your genuine love for the country. Remain positive even in the darkest times because there is no other alternative to hope. Keep up the good work Brother.