Wednesday, April 20, 2016

India wants Kohinoor back, BJP doesn't !

India's stand on demanding the ‪#‎Kohinoor‬ back has been consistent. We demanded it just after the Independence. Then we demanded it in 1953 under Pandit Nehru and in 1976 under Smt Indira Gandhi. In 1990, when renowned journalist Kuldeep Nayar was the India's High Commissioner to the U.K., he found that the British would be embarrassed whenever he spoke to them about the Kohinoor.

Later as Rajya Sabha MP, Nayar requested Jaswant Singh (the then Foreign Minister in the Vajpayee Government) to pursue the matter. He also got a petition signed by some 50 M.P.s - Opposition leader Manmohan Singh was one of them - to request the Government of India to ask the British government to return the Kohinoor. He would remind Jaswant Singh of the Kohinoor at practically every session but his reply would be merely a gentle smile. Once when Nayar talked to him about the return of the Kohinoor, he was cold. But he was frank. Jaswant Singh told Nayar that by raising the issue of the Kohinoor, India would be unnecessarily spoiling relations with the U.K.

In 2010, under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh, India's Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) also requested their British counterparts for the same.

Now the BJP Government has changed the consistent Foreign Policy stand of the country, sadly they haven't changed their own stand.

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